The dog days of January

By DSD - January 10, 2018

Anyone feeling the slowness of after the holiday rush?
Some ways to combat this are posting on social media. Use all your platforms and make the people aware of what you are selling. During the holidays the customer comes to you. After the holidays you have to go get the sales. This is a great time to get really creative with you new products and marketing tactics. Here are a few things I like to do to get a jolt in sales.
Pinterest: make sure to post to as many different boards that I am in as possible.
Instagram: Make new posts or items with professionally shot photography. If you don't have new items just shoot videos of your daily workload. Videos are very powerful and get a ton of view. Never underestimate the power of top of mind awareness!
Twitter: Tweet out promotions or new product offerings
Facebook: Make new posts or share posts from instagram. Promote your listing may help
Wholesale! Try to get as many wholesale accounts as possible. This eliminates a lot of the legwork of selling after you find accounts. Also you can run promotions to link people back to your Amazon Handmade account.

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