Amazon Handmade

By DSD - January 02, 2018

Whoa! what a ride the last couple of month have been.  We started off this holiday season signing up for Amazon Handmade and not knowing what to expect. We pressed forward blindly.  Little did we know that it meant hours of order fulfillment and going from the two of us to having to hire two employees. At our peak we were moving 20+ sales a day.  The shipping...oh the shipping.  Imagine having no process in place and having to scramble to send out countless items daily.  We learned a few quick lessons.  One major one was that Amazon will flag you if you do not mark all items as shipped on time. We get one of their emails threatening our account was in danger of being suspended because of it.  It required an apology email and point by point reply of how we would rectify the problem going forward.  Despite the few hiccups we faced we made it out of the holidays with over 500 sales and a good boost in our ranking.  Now the next phase begins.  Survival in the off season.  I look forward to letting you all know how it goes. Here are a few photos from the holidays.

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