Our Journey So Far pt. 2

By DSD - September 20, 2017

So we had the lesson of the failed customizer under our belt and we ventured on. We always seem to stumble forward.  While doing so we came across a sign request from a customer that was different from the others. They wanted the a quirky sign that said "how to Tell Time" and listed AM and Pm with a coffee mug and wine glass respectively below the writing.

Since we had a 3d printer farm lying around that we used to make printed parts and pieces for our
CNC machine we decided to utilize it.  Marvel below. 

So we combined the two together and the outcome was a sign that was a huge hit for us.  How to tell time with 3d printed handles seemed to do really well on Etsy and our mall retail location. Mothers day was our biggest selling month of this item and we were on a roll. Our feature product has been this sign and continues to be to this day. 

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