Our Journey so far pt 1

By DSD - September 19, 2017

So we officially launched in January of 2017. Since then we have come a long way and faced many challenges along the way.  Never did we realize all the pivots we would make ad how our business model would change.  Back in February we had a revolutionary idea to allow our customers to create their own wood carved signs online.  We had an online customizer that put the customer in full control of what they could create.  This meant they could start with a blank canvas and create to their hearts desire.  After a few months and thousands of dollars in research and development and service fees we realized we had a flop on our hands.  We decided to scrap the customizer because we learned a valuable lesson.  often times people don't want to create something from scratch.  They want to e given some inspiration and make small tweaks but it become overwhelming when every option is available.  We often heard "let me try to decide what I want and I will use your customizer".  It's like that tattoo that you always wanted to get but you don't now quite what it is until you see someone else's or a photo online. So we had a dud on our hands and although it was a tough decision we had to scrap it and change directions.  This part is always extremely tough in entrepreneurship.  When do you say when? Through building Denver Sign Design we have had many of these moments and only through repeat failures (we call them learning experience) we have found that change is a constant. Don't dwell.  Recognize it adjust and move forward.  That seems to be our outlook and has been working so far. So after we scrapped the customizer.  In retrospect it may have had some limitations as well.  take a look and let us know what you think.

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